LA FINTA GIARDINIERA ( Arminda ) I W.A.Mozart I MC 93 Bobigny 2012


Les belles promesses de l’Atelier Lyrique de l’Opéra de Paris I Caroline Alexander I 26.06/2012

“Volcanic Arminda gives Ilona Krzywicka, Polish soprano (alternating with Elodie Hache), the opportunity to develop temperament of the promising resources”



Christine Ducq I Monday 25 June 2012

“A distinction also for Arminda, Polish soprano Ilona Krzywicka”



ORPHÉE ET EURYDICE ( Eurydice) I K.W.Gluck I Théâtre National de Bordeaux Aquitaine 2012

Gluck, Orphée et Eurydice I Bruno Maury I 12/05/2012

“Ilona Krzywicka performs successfully the role finally quite short of Eurydice : actress moving lying on her deathbed, which reappears weakened ( slouched in a wheelchair!) after the episode of Hell. She starts her “Fortune ennemie” with a timbre energetic and her diction is impeccable. The final duet with Orpheus is also very successful.”



Bruno Serrou for Classique d’Aujourd’hui


” Polish soprano Ilona Krzywicka (2009) radiated in the aria« Rêve infini, divine extase » extracted from « légende sacrée » la Vierge (1880), after giving excellents replicas in Manon and Ariane “


C’était si beau by Lauren Bury


“Ilona Kzywicka convinces in < La Vierge>.



STREET SCENE ( Mrs Ann Maurrant) I K.Weill I Amphitheatre Bastille 2010


Scène de rue à Bastille

“Ilona Krzywicka was a moving Mrs Maurrant, powerful and heartbreaking in her laments, wiping the hard authority of her husband “


New York – Song from Street Scene by Kurt Weill I 22 december 2010

“The team of singers reveals voices and temperaments to remember: blonde Polish soprano Ilona Krzywicka, discovered already in Mirandolina, confirms her liminous timbre and its excellent projection “



ORPHEE ET EURYDICE ( Eurydice) I K.W.Gluck I MC 93 Bobigny 2011


Clément Rochefort I June 2011

“Eurydice of Ilona Krzywicka discreet but effective, reflects quite well the paradox of this character undecided”


Orphée et Eurydice de Christoph Willibald Gluck I 6 may 2011

“Ilona Krzywicka, Polish soprano, who made a very beautiful Mirandolina by Martinu, as always fresh and luminous “



Concert at the PALAIS GARNIER 28/02/2010

Concert of Atelier Lyrique at the Palais Garnier I Marie Torrès I 27 february 2010

“Finally, the final duet from Onegin, interpreted beautifully by Ilona Krzywicka and Michał Partyka, deeply moved the audience “